62% of American Voters Think the Country Is Moving in the Wrong Direction


Even though the country remains split, a large majority still thinks the U.S. is moving in the wrong direction. According to the latest data, 32% of likely U.S. voters think the country is heading in the right direction. This is a three-percentage-point improvement from last week’s score of 29%, which tied the lowest ratings since Trump has become president.

While this sounds moderately encouraging for the Trump camp, a full 62% of American voters still think the country is moving in the wrong direction. This, too, is a three-percentage-point difference from last week, when 65% said the company was heading down the wrong track. That was the highest level of discontent since Trump has entered the Oval Office.

Last year at this time, in the lead-up to the November Presidential election, only 30% of likely U.S. voters said the nation was moving in the right direction, with 65% saying the U.S. was heading down the wrong track.


Before the November election, when Obama was still president, Democrats were more likely than Republicans and independent voters to say the nation was heading in the right direction. But today, a whopping 82% of likely Democrat voters now say the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, 54% of likely Republican voters think the U.S. is heading in the right direction. Independent voters, on the other hand, are more aligned to likely be Democrat voters, with 62% saying the nation is on the wrong track and 29% saying it is on the right track.

The split runs pretty much down party lines. Of those who “strongly approve” of Trump’s job performance, three-quarters (75%) think the nation is going down the right track, up from 69% last week. A full 95% of those who say they “strongly disapprove” of the way Trump is running the country say the U.S. is speeding down the wrong track.



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