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You might hear the U.S. economy is doing fine, but the fact of the matter is, everything that you’ve heard about how great the U.S. economy is doing is false—a mirage. In reality, the U.S. economy is broken and closed for business.

The current U.S. economic recovery began in 2009, but most Americans don’t even know we’re in a recovery. Why? The U.S. economy is advancing at its slowest pace since World War II.

What, then, is the current state of the U.S. economy?

Americans are broke.

Approximately half of Americans would need to borrow money to cover an unexpected expense, retirement savings have been depleted, and household debt levels have passed 2008 highs. America is creating jobs, yes, but they’re low-paying jobs that offer little to no security. That might explain why eight million Americans have multiple jobs.

What about Wall Street?

The bull market is the second longest in history, but stocks aren’t at record levels because of strong revenue and earnings growth. They’ve been propped up by central bank policies for low and negative interest rates. If GDP is any indicator of the health of the economy, these so-called business-friendly initiatives have done little to actually grow the real economy.

Although stock market valuations are at levels not seen since 1929 and the dotcom era, the mainstream media is telling Americans that the U.S. economic recovery could last for years, and that the bull market could run for another five or more years. Sure, the media says, there will be little corrections along the way, but when it comes right down to it, the markets have nowhere to go but up.

If the U.S. economy and the average American are doing so well, why then are retail stores shuttering at a record pace? Why is corporate America consolidating operations and closing facilities on a daily basis? Why does Wall Street move operations to Mexico and Canada? Why are Fortune 500 companies outsourcing jobs and killing the economies of small towns across America? Why are bankruptcies hitting every corner of America?

Most Americans can’t answer these questions simply because they don’t know what’s happening. Wall Street is happy to keep the mirage alive, telling Americans to keep their rose-colored glasses on while it does everything possible, ethically or not, to pad its bottom line.

Yes, the mainstream media continues to tell you how strong the U.S. economy is and how wonderful a country the U.S. is. It was once, but it’s not right now. It’s broken and America is closed for business.

AmericaClosed.com is a web site that highlights the stories that impact the average American; stories the mainstream media outlets ignore. We cover these stories not because they’re pleasant, but because we need to. These are the stories that impact your daily life. They show you the real state of the U.S. economy.

Uncovering the truth about the American economy will also have an immeasurable impact on your retirement portfolio and how you invest.

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John Whitefoot

John Whitefoot is an editor at Lombardi Financial, specializing in low-priced investment opportunities. John has been a financial writer since the late 1990s and has written on everything from penny stocks to blue chip stocks to the broader issues that affect the stock market.John has profiled more than 1,000 low-priced stocks, researching and covering numerous sectors including health care, media, manufacturing, IT, education, hospitality, natural resources, and retail. As an editor at Lombardi Financial, John has enhanced his understanding of economics, turning his attention to individual stocks and other investing opportunities. John is primarily a fundamental analyst. His focus is on “off-the-radar” situations with big upside potential for the individual investor. Outside of his professional life, John stays active through tennis and sailing. He also enjoys collecting antiquarian books and art. You can contact John at j.whitefoot@americaclosed.com

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Palwasha Saaim is a Research Analyst at Lombardi Financial where she covers mid- and large-cap stocks, economic trends, and stock market movements. Saaim graduated summa cum laude in Economics and Finance and has passed all three levels of the CFA program. She has worked in diverse capacities in the financial services sector as an analyst, instructor, and writer.She takes keen interest in politics and is a supporter of numerous social and charitable causes. When she is not writing, she is seen baking, reading or video-gaming. You can contact Palwasha at p.saaim@americaclosed.com

Stephen Karmazyn

Stephen Karmazyn is a writer for Profit Confidential, where he focuses on reporting breaking news in the technology and emerging industries.Throughout his career as a journalist, Karmazyn has written on tech for a variety of publications, including The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, and The Ottawa Business Journal. He served as the web editor for Techopia, a tech-centered newsblog focused on emerging start-up companies. You can contact Stephen at s.karmazyn@americaclosed.com