Akron School Board to Cut Nearly 100 Positions from Schools

Akron School

Teachers, Administrators Among the Bulk of Jobs Being Shed

Cuts are coming to Akron’s schools as the Board of Education voted to cut 31 teachers, three administrators, and more than 50 other staff positions for the 2017-2018 school year.

The positions that are being shed are wide-ranging, with the non-teaching staff positions being made up of five office support positions, 13 custodial service positions, and 35 tutor positions. Three full-time and three part-time hearing-impaired interpreters were also cut.

“We must continue to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars,” Superintendent David James said, according to the Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio.com. “…It is most unfortunate that we must let go of outstanding educators and staff due to our economic position. My hope is that the staff will be recalled to vacancies that occur to enable them to continue their service to our students and families.”

Despite the grim news regarding these jobs, there is some hope that the positions could be reinstated in the future.


“We’re hoping those layoffs will be called back through attrition and staffing,” Pat Shipe, president of the Akron Education Association teachers union, said. “We found out a week or so ago. It’s always concerning, class sizes go up, already thin resources are spread even thinner. We’re hoping for the best.”

Akron is undergoing two major cuts now, with Summa Health System similarly looking to reduce jobs in order to cut costs. Between Summa’s 300 positions that are being slashed and the school’s 100 positions being reduced, Akron has not had much luck in regards to jobs in the past week.

Some are questioning how the schools will be able to maintain the same level of service as classes rise but employees fall. At the moment though, those questions will go unanswered as Akron asks its educators to do “more with less,” as the saying goes.

“These educators had a positive impact on our students, and these decisions are never easy,” school board President Patrick Bravo said. “The board remains committed to operating in a fiscally responsible manner, continuing to make adjustments as we transform the way we provide opportunities for teaching and learning.”


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