76% Think American Voters Uninformed

U.S. voters

The U.S. may be the world’s most powerful superpower, but when it comes to understanding the issues, Americans believe their fellow American voters are sorrowfully ill-informed. And we’re taking our ignorance on the economy, domestic issues, and foreign affairs into the voting booth.

According to the most recent data, only 12% of likely U.S. voters believe Americans are fully aware of the issues. An eye-watering 76% disagree and 12% are undecided. As to be expected, 86% of American adults consider themselves well informed, while just eight percent disagree.

When it comes to whether Americans are informed voters, everyone, regardless of political persuasion, is in agreement. However, come Election Day, Republicans believe more strongly that they are the informed voters.

With age comes wisdom. American voters 40 years of age and older say they are more confident than younger voters when it comes time to go to the polls. And when it comes to race, white people are more likely to say they are informed on the issues than black and minority voters.


Three-quarters (74%) of American voters who approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing think most voters are not well informed. Of those voters who strongly disapprove of President Trump’s job performance, 82% think voters are ill informed of the issues.

But those voters who strongly approve of Trump’s performance are more willing to give themselves a pat on the back and say they themselves are the informed voters.

These results are consistent with previous surveys. In May 2014, 83% said American voters not informed on the issues they vote on, while an underwhelming nine percent believe most American voters are in fact informed.

In March 2016, Americans were a little more generous, with 75% saying Americans are not informed voters, while 15% thought Americans were well informed and 11% were undecided.

Again, most people think they are well informed; it’s everyone else that isn’t. A full 88% of Americans thought of themselves as informed voters, while five percent were willing to admit they weren’t and seven percent were not sure.



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