Americans Increasingly Worried about Job Losses Due to Automation: Pew Survey

automation killing jobs

Automation Has Americans More Worried Than Excited

Technology is continuing to making our lives better; the once labor-intensive jobs that took hours to perform are now being done by machines in a matter of minutes. But the growing encroachment of technology-based alternatives on the human job market has Americans worried.

A growing number of Americans are now concerned about the future of the domestic job market as robots and computers begin to replace human workers.

A recent survey by the think tank Pew Research Center has found that Americans are more pessimistic than optimistic about the rise of automation. The survey found that 72% of Americans are worried about a future in which computers and robots will be able to perform the jobs currently being done by humans.

Consequently, 76% of Americans expect economic inequality to worsen if robots and computers begin performing human jobs. Likewise, 75% of the surveyed Americans are concerned that the economy will not create many new, better-paying jobs for humans if automation takes over the job market.


A majority of Americans (67%) also feel they may be at a disadvantage if a computer program can make hiring decisions without human input.

With regards to self-driving technology, 54% of Americans are worried about the development of autonomous vehicles, and 81% believe that it will result in job losses for those who drive for a living.

The survey also found that most Americans would welcome government regulations that would pay humans to perform jobs that could be done more cheaply and efficiently by machines. 58% of Americans believe there should be limits imposed on businesses so they cannot replace most human workers with machines.

A whopping 85% of Americans support restricting machines to performing mainly jobs that are dangerous and unhealthy for humans.

Despite all their concerns, 77% of Americans acknowledge that it’s likely that robots may someday be able to perform many human jobs.



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