Excel Industries Layoffs Leaving Factory Employees Out of Work


Excel Industries Is Laying Off 270 Employees

Excel Industries Limited, which is known for its outdoor maintenance equipment, has announced that it will be laying off 270 employees at its Hesston, Kansas factory.

The layoffs are part of a reorganization effort by the manufacturer to achieve cost savings as the market for its turf care products sees modest demand.

Excel Industries is recognized for its “Hustler Turf” equipment and “Bigdog Mower” grasscutters.

The factory’s first and second shift employees were called in for a brief meeting, during which they were informed that they should expect a FedEx delivery at home the next day. The workers were told that the delivery would contain a letter that will confirm whether they were losing their jobs as part of the company’s downsizing plan.


Layoff News Stuns Employees

The layoffs have come as a shock to many of the factory workers. One employee at the Hesston factory told KWCH TV, “Basically, they like lied to us, telling us everything was good, and then this all of a sudden came.”

Other employees said they had sensed that something was wrong, but weren’t sure of what it was. Another factory worker said, “We were kind of expecting that but to hear it from management is a dead blow. No we weren’t expecting that.”

According to a company spokesperson, Excel Industries will continue to operate two shifts at its manufacturing facility in Hesston.

The city’s mayor, David Kauffman, has reaffirmed that the layoffs should not significantly hurt the local community. “What we want is the long-term viability of Excel for the city of Hesston,” said Kauffman. He further said, “There’s no reason at all to think that in the long run they’re not gonna be just fine. This is hopefully a temporary business lull for them, and I think they’ll be fine in the long term.”

Excel Industries is the second-largest employer in the city of Hesston. The company employs 1,018 full-time local workers at its Hesston factory, and asdditional employees around the United States.


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