AT&T Layoffs in 2018 to Take Place Across Missouri, Michigan, & 4 More States

AT&T layoffs in 2018

Telecom Layoffs to Come to AT&T in the New Year

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is not exactly spreading much holiday cheer going into 2018, as hundreds of employees are set to be cut. Several rounds of AT&T layoffs in 2018 were already announced earlier this year, but the latest notice will affect hundreds of workers across the Midwest. According to reports, Missouri layoffs and Michigan layoffs will compose much of the cuts. The telecom layoffs at AT&T are also hardly the only ones to be announced this year, with other telecommunication giants looking to make cuts in the new year.

About 332 people will be cut in the AT&T layoffs in 2018. About 245 will be cut from Michigan.

The AT&T job cuts in 2018 will hit Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

The workers affected will involve both indoor and outdoor technicians.


A WARN notice in Missouri revealed that 87 workers were cut in Kansas City as a Credits & Collections center was shuttered.

AT&T Layoffs in 2017: Hundreds of Job Cuts at Call Centers

The AT&T layoffs in 2018 follow hundreds of cuts made to the workforce this year.

AT&T layoffs in 2017 largely affected call centers, with the company looking to reduce costs.

The company is also not alone in reducing its workforce; telecom layoffs in 2017 hit across the industry. With fewer people subscribing to DSL Internet service, fewer call center employees are needed to respond to DSL customers, the result being a number of AT&T call center job cuts.

The company cut around 66 employees in Louisiana after it shuttered several call centers.

A further 278 employees were laid off in September when the company announced that its East El Paso call center would be closing.

Another 53 AT&T layoffs took place at a DSL Care Center in Detroit.

Finally, 54 employees were shed in March at a Richardson, Texas, call center.

With the telecommunications giant cutting hundreds in 2017 already, the AT&T layoffs in 2018 will start the year off on a sour note for many of the company’s workers concerned about their futures with the company.

More Telecom Company Layoffs in 2018

As mentioned earlier, the industry as a whole is looking at making staff reductions to better suit its needs moving forward. As such, the AT&T layoffs in 2018 are not the only telecom cuts to be announced.

In January 2018, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is planning to cut 190 employees at its Santa Clara, California office. These cuts are on top of the already 155 employees shed throughout 2017.

The Verizon layoffs in 2018 coupled with the cuts at AT&T combine to create a bleak picture with telecom company job cuts in 2018 coming early on and affecting hundreds.


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