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Authenticom Layoffs: Company Slashes Half Its Workforce

Authenticom layoffs 2017

Authenticom, Inc. has announced that it will be making a significant cut to its workforce. These Authenticom layoffs seem to come on the heel of much more positive times for the company. Authenticom Layoffs Come after It Was Ranked One of the Highest-Growth Companies in the U.S. Two years ago, Authenticom, Inc. was being praised by then President (more…)

Student Loan Complaints Increase by 900% as per CFPB’s 2017 Report: California, New York & Florida Lead the List

For students all over the world, America is one of the top destinations for education that meets today’s industry requirements. However, the cost of this education is high and not all students can easily afford to pay tuition as well as accommodation fees in universities. Thankfully, an option is available that works for both—a student (more…)