Gaurav Sharma

American Bank Branch Closures Accelerated in 2017

Bank Branch Closures

Technology is disrupting many business sectors like never before, include retail, manufacturing plants, restaurants, and even financial services. In 2017, the financial sector saw a big change to its business operations, with 2,069 net bank branch closures. This is an increase of 18%, compared to 2016. The bank branches closing resulted in more than 10 (more…)

President Trump’s Rating Lowest For 1st-Year President Since World War II

President Trump's Rating

President Donald Trump’s first year in office has not been a satisfying one for the American people. According to management consulting company Gallup, Inc., President Trump’s 2017-2018 approval rating is only 38.4%. This is the lowest average approval rating for a president’s first year since the company began measuring said rating in 1945–the same year (more…)