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Danny Meyer’s GreenRiver Restaurant Closing: Trend of Michelin-Starred Restaurant Closures in Chicago Continues

GreenRiver restaurant closing

GreenRiver Restaurant Closing The GreenRiver restaurant closing is both the latest Michelin-starred restaurant closing and the most recent Chicago restaurant to shut down. Owner and restaurateur Danny Meyer’s restaurant closure will occur on January 24, with the announcement having been made abruptly through its Facebook page. There were no details regarding the number employees losing (more…)

Year Has Bad Start for Berry Farms as Layoffs Hit

Privately owned Dole Food Company, Inc. has just recently laid off 400 employees from its workforce. This is a result of high labor and other business costs related to berry picking. The entire sector is seeing the high cost of operations impacting their financial statements in a negative manner. Why Are Wages Going Higher for (more…)

Vencore Layoffs: “Space Coast” Tech Firm to Cut More Jobs

Vencore Layoffs

Vencore Layoffs Continue Into the New Year Defense contractor Vencore Service and Solutions, Inc. is planning on handing out 198 layoff notices at the end of February. This is the sixth such announcement of Vencore layoffs from the company, amounting to more than 600 total jobs. The layoffs are the result of losing a $1.9 (more…)

Pernix Therapeutics Layoffs: Pharma to Make 41 Job Cuts, Shift Focus from Treximet to Zohydro

Pernix Therapeutics Layoffs

Pernix Therapeutics Layoffs In 2016, Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PTX) saw a reduction of 23% of its workforce. Fast forward to 2018, the news once again is very similar, with 22% of employees walking out of the door due to layoffs in the future. Pernix operates in the specialty pharmaceutical sector and focuses on identifying, developing, and commercializing (more…)

Roseland Community Hospital Lays Off 35 Employees, Cuts Pay

Roseland Community Hospital has reduced its workforce headcount by 35 employees, which would amount to a total of seven percent of its workforce. All of the layoffs have taken place in the administrative area of the business, including both high-ranking positions such as directors and ones with fewer responsibilities. In addition to further cutting, Roseland (more…)

Scripps Health Plans Reorganization, Layoffs in 2018

Scripps Health

Scripps Health is planning to lay off part of its workforce. This is the result of senior management looking to reorganize the company in order to make it more financially sound. Scripps Health is a private, non-profit healthcare system that has four hospitals and more than 28 outpatient facilities and clinics, operating out of San (more…)