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Mettler-Toledo Layoffs in Dryden to Begin in March

Layoffs at Mettler-Toledo

Mettler-Toledo Layoffs in New York State Lab equipment company Mettler-Toledo International Inc. (NYSE:MTD) is closing its plant in Dryden, New York and is relocating the jobs to Florida. This will result in 69 employees receiving layoff notices. All of the workers to be cut in the Mettler-Toledo layoffs are non-union employees.

Eaton Corp. Closing Light Factory in Houston, Laying Off 52 Workers

Eaton Corporation Layoffs

Eaton Corp Layoffs 52 Employees The entire light factory owned by Eaton Corporation PLC (NYSE:ETN) in Houston, Texas will be shutting down. The resulting Eaton Corp layoffs will impact 52 employees. The facilities focused on manufacturing LED lights used in the oil and petrochemical sector. The warehouse was also in the business of producing explosion-resistant lights. (more…)

Harrington Healthcare Layoffs: 23 Employees Cut

Harrington HealthCare Layoffs

Recent Harrington HealthCare Layoffs  Harrington Healthcare System is yet another healthcare company to have a round of layoffs. The company recently laid off 23 employees, which equals 1.5% percent of its entire workforce. The majority of the layoffs were given to managers and supervisors, including a smaller group of individuals who reported to the president (more…)

Baumann & Sons Buses Layoffs: 134 Employees Cut

Baumann Bus Lays Off 134 Employees

Baumann & Sons Buses Inc. has cut its workforce by 134 people, having recently given layoff notices. These bus driver layoffs are affecting employees who were part of a union that and working in the Nassau County School District. More interesting is the timing of the layoffs, which were announced only a week after bus drivers (more…)

Fred’s Layoffs Announced; Retailer to Cut 90 Jobs  

Fred's Layoffs

Fred’s, Inc. (NASDAQ:FRED) confirmed that it has given layoff notices to at least 90 employees, just a week before Thanksgiving. The Fred’s layoffs notice came out without warning and was a complete surprise to many. Fred’s layoffs included a wide range of employee, even those who have spent a greater part of their working lives with (more…)