Gaurav Sharma

Baumann & Sons Buses Layoffs: 134 Employees Cut

Baumann Bus Lays Off 134 Employees

Baumann & Sons Buses Inc. has cut its workforce by 134 people, having recently given layoff notices. These bus driver layoffs are affecting employees who were part of a union working in the Nassau County School District. More interesting is the timing of the layoffs, which were announced only a week after bus drivers returned from (more…)

Fred’s Layoffs Announced; Retailer to Cut 90 Jobs  

Fred's Layoffs

Fred’s, Inc. (NASDAQ:FRED) confirmed that it has given layoff notices to at least 90 employees, just a week before Thanksgiving. The Fred’s layoffs notice came out without warning and was a complete surprise to many. Fred’s layoffs included a wide range of employee, even those who have spent a greater part of their working lives with (more…)