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Stephen Karmazyn is a writer for Profit Confidential, where he focuses on reporting breaking news in the technology and emerging industries. Throughout his career as a journalist, Karmazyn has written on tech for a variety of publications, including The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, and The Ottawa Business Journal. He served as the web editor for Techopia, a tech-centered newsblog focused on emerging start-up companies. You can contact Stephen at

McNally Smith College of Music Closing: For-Profit College to Shut Down Due to Declining Enrollment

McNally Smith College of Music Closing

McNally Smith College of Music is closing as enrollment drops and funds drain away. The St. Paul-Minnesota music college’s closing comes as for-profit college shutdowns are increasingly becoming the norm. As the higher education enrollment decline affects nearly every type of university, the for-profit colleges and universities are finding it particularly difficult to thrive in (more…)

Refinery29 Layoffs Add to Digital Media Woes in 2017 as Facebook & Google Dominate Ad Market


The layoffs at women’s lifestyle web site Refinery29, Inc. will see dozens of employees being cut as the digital media company contends with the growing prominence of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) in the digital ad market. In fact, cuts like the Refinery29 layoffs are becoming somewhat the norm, as digital media job cuts (more…)

Republican Tax Bill Boost Will Be Temporary, Economists and Fed Say

Republican Tax Bill Boost

Survey Shows that Most Economists Are Critical of the Republicans’ Tax Bill The Republican tax bill would boost the economy only temporarily, economists and U.S. Federal Reserve analysts agree. Both private-sector economists and Fed analysts have agreed that the Republican tax bill would lead to a growth spurt, but that jump would potentially disappear fast. (more…)

Alabama Senate Election Reveals Deep Political Turmoil, Threatens Republican Tax Plan

Republican tax plan

The Democrat victory in the Alabama Senate election reveals that deep political turmoil now faced by the GOP. The loss of a Republican senator now reduces the already hair-thin GOP majority to two votes over the Democrats. This means that all it takes to defeat nearly any major Republican legislation–which often divides votes along party (more…)

Charming Charlie Bankruptcy: Jewelry Retailer Sought Chapter 11 Protection Due to Declining Foot Traffic in Malls

Charming Charlie Bankruptcy

Charming Charlie LLC, a Houston-based jewelry retailer, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as the company succumbs to the challenges faced by the retail industry, namely a decline in mall foot traffic and the ever-increasing prominence of online shopping. The Charming Charlie bankruptcy will result in some major changes for the company; nearly 100 (more…)

U.S. Treasury Department’s One-Page Analysis of Republican Tax Reform Doesn’t Sway Critics

Republican tax reform plan

The U.S. Treasury Department’s tax plan analysis was long promised to be an in-depth and transparent look at the Republican tax reform plan being pushed through Congress, but many economists and politicians are highly critical of the one-page, 470-word document that the department released, calling it more a political statement rather than any sort of (more…)