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Stephen Karmazyn is a writer for Profit Confidential, where he focuses on reporting breaking news in the technology and emerging industries. Throughout his career as a journalist, Karmazyn has written on tech for a variety of publications, including The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail, and The Ottawa Business Journal. He served as the web editor for Techopia, a tech-centered newsblog focused on emerging start-up companies. You can contact Stephen at

U.S. Health Decline Shows Higher Mortality Rate Among American Babies Compared to Other Rich Countries

In a blow that illustrated the dramatic extent of the U.S. health decline, a new study shows that babies born in America are less likely to reach their first birthday than babies born in comparably wealthy countries. The study was undertaken by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). While the overall infant mortality (more…)

Cook County Layoffs Hit 300 Following Budget Cuts

Cook County Layoffs

Budget cuts have prompted Cook County layoffs in 2018, seeing over 300 people lose their job at the beginning of the year. The cuts pulled workers from across the county government. The Sheriff’s Office, for instance, saw 77 people cut from its department as part of the Cook County layoffs that ended up claiming a (more…)

West Sacramento Job Cuts Pass 100 Following Two Store Closings

West Sacramento Job Cuts

Over 100 West Sacramento job cuts come following the closure of two anchor stores in a local shopping center. A Safeway Inc. store and a Big Lots, Inc. (NYSE:BIG) store will shutter this month, leaving over 100 people without jobs as shopping malls across the U.S. continue to falter. The stores were located in the West Capitol (more…)