Boys Town Closes Facilities in Three States

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The Company Claims That It Is Shifting Resources

Boys Town, an organization that provides for families and children, will be closing facilities in New York, California, and Texas as it seeks to rededicate its resources.

The facilities that were shut down were selected based on their impact to the community and the financial sustainability of these programs in the long term.

“The decision is also based on what is best for the kids and families served by Boys Town and the long term direction of the organization in order to devote more resources to research and innovation,” said Bob Pick, executive vice president of youth care.

No word yet has been released on just how many jobs will be shed or the extent of the services cut, but it’s likely that many will lose their jobs as the locations of Boys Town are closed.


Alongside the financial difficulties, some of the issues surrounding Boys Town’s current plight result from regulation in the states that has made operating these facilities with its current model difficult, therefore prompting the move to shut them down.

Boys Town itself is a 100-year-old organization that has locations spread all across America.

“For 100 years, Boys Town has been working in many ways to do what is best for children and their families,” the press release said. “Our Model of Care has been thoroughly researched to prove its effectiveness at changing the lives of youth and families in our care.”

The release went on to say that “every effort will be made to foster a smooth transition for the employees and for the youth and families served. For those employees who will not remain employed at Boys Town, we will help them transition out of the organization. Severance packages will be available. We hope as many of these employees as possible can transition into other positions at another one of our Boys Town locations.”


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