Carrier Employees Feel Betrayed by President Trump

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Despite Claims That He Would Save Their Jobs, Many Still Being Laid Off

President Donald Trump promised that the Indianapolis Carrier Corporation employees’ jobs would be saved, stating that at least 1,100 would still be working in the plant, but that promise is now unraveling as details of the Carrier layoffs are revealed.

As it turns out, of the 1,100 jobs that the president boasted about saving, about 400 were white-collar positions that were never threatened in the first place. On top of that number, around 600 employees’ jobs are being moved south to Mexico.

Many are feeling betrayed by the president, feeling that his words were ultimately hollow. And to make matters worse, Trump initially promised more jobs would be saved than the stated 1,100.

“And by the way, that number is going to go up very substantially as they expand this area, this plant,” Trump said while visiting the plant in December. “So the 1,100 is going to be a minimum number.”


In total, only 700 union jobs were saved out of 1,300. Carrier, meanwhile, received a $7.0-million incentive package from the state in order to keep the plant open with a reduced work force.

To tally all that up, the president at the very least misspoke about the true number of jobs that would be saved at the plant by at least 400, then the state paid the company to maintain its operations in the U.S. all while Carrier was still able to reduce its workforce.

Many Carrier workers said they had voted for Trump because they believed he would save their jobs and are now regretting it.

Trump ran on a pro-jobs platform with job creation often taking center stage. But besides speaking voluminously about his success in that capacity, both Carrier and a Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) plant where Trump promised to never let workers down are encountering layoffs, all while the president continues to claim that he will be a great fighter for American jobs.


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