Carter Fuel Systems Announces 14 More Layoffs – 207 Jobs, or 56% of Workforce Laid Off Since 2015

Carter Fuel Systems

Carter Fuel Systems LLC has laid off another 14 employees in Logansport, Indiana. Though the number of layoffs does not sound significant, the fuel systems company has terminated 207 jobs, or roughly 56% of its workforce, since June 2015. Of that total, 100 are hourly workers, while the rest are salaried employees.

The layoffs come as the Logansport facility moves from making aftermarket fuel pumps to making original equipment. All of the recently announced layoffs were hourly employees.

“This is just the end of the aftermarket business” at Carter Fuel Systems, said Dan Arnett, president of United Steelworkers Local 4863, the union representing hourly workers at the plant. “We’re now an original equipment facility, so that just finished up the end of the aftermarket and they’ve adjusted their manpower.”

While Carter Fuel Systems has transitioned to different products in the past, Arnett noted that, “It’s like a ghost town in here.”


The most recent round of layoffs leaves the Logansport facility with less than half the number of employees it had in 2015. In September 2015, Carter Fuels eliminated 111 employees or about 30% of the facility’s then-370-person workforce. Most of the employees (80) were base assembly workers.

In June 2017, Carter Fuel Systems announced another round of mass layoffs. The company terminated 82 positions; layoffs started August 21 and ended September 4. Again, most of those employees were hourly base assembly workers (52) and base operators (13).

The three rounds of layoffs total 207 workers, or 56% of the company’s Logansport workforce, which totaled 370 in mid-2015. 



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