Branch Closings

Charming Charlie Bankruptcy: Jewelry Retailer Sought Chapter 11 Protection Due to Declining Foot Traffic in Malls

Charming Charlie Bankruptcy

Charming Charlie LLC, a Houston-based jewelry retailer, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as the company succumbs to the challenges faced by the retail industry, namely a decline in mall foot traffic and the ever-increasing prominence of online shopping. The Charming Charlie bankruptcy will result in some major changes for the company; nearly 100 (more…)

CHS Inc. Closings in 2017: Total of 144 Employees Affected across Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota

CHS Closing Facilities

CHS Inc. (NASDAQ:CHSCP) abruptly closed its plant in Hutchinson, Kansas; a plant in Creston, Iowa; and innovation and technology center in Eagan, Minnesota. The closures announced by CHS, the country’s largest farmer-owned co-operative, resulted in 144 layoffs. The closures come after CHS announced it is moving out of soybean protein production. The company has also (more…)