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Amazon Effect vs. Trump Effect: Where Companies’ Concerns Lie

Study Shows that Businesses More Focused on Amazon Effect than Trump Effect In a recent survey,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) was cited more than President Donald Trump as a source of anxiety for businesses. The study, carried out by financial research platform Sentieo Inc. for MarketWatch, shows that the “Amazon effect” is more of a concern to businesses than the (more…)

Student Loan Complaints Increase by 900% as per CFPB’s 2017 Report: California, New York & Florida Lead the List

For students all over the world, America is one of the top destinations for education that meets today’s industry requirements. However, the cost of this education is high and not all students can easily afford to pay tuition as well as accommodation fees in universities. Thankfully, an option is available that works for both—a student (more…)

U.S. Stock Market Drop Hurts Dollar

U.S. Stock Market Drop Hurts Dollar

Despite the recent run of good news for the stock market, Tuesday saw many U.S. stocks come crashing down, showing big losses in a single day, and the U.S. stock market drop, harming the greenback. Some of the biggest losers on the day include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE:CMG) and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD), both (more…)

American Debt Rises in 2017: Mortgage Debt Biggest Burden

Mortgage Debt Biggest Contributor to Overall American Debt Despite feeling burdened, Americans are continuing to rake in more and more debt. American debt has soared to Great Recession levels this year, hitting a whopping $13.0 trillion.  While not every single American may be in debt, the majority is. The latest study carried out by GoBankingRates has (more…)

Louisiana Ranks No. 1 Among U.S. States Unprepared for Recession

U.S. states unprepared for recession

Moody’s Finds One-Third of U.S. States Unprepared for Recession Not all U.S. states are in a shape to deal with a recessions. Ratings agency Moody’s Corporation has found that about one-third of U.S. states do not have the ability to withstand recessionary pressures. Louisiana, North Dakota, and Oklahoma top the list of U.S. states unprepared for recession. Analysts (more…)

Michael Bloomberg Donates $64.0 Million to Combat Coal as Tensions Escalate Over Best Way Forward for American Energy

michael bloomberg donations

The Billionaire Is Trying to Bolster the Efforts to Kill Coal and Strengthen Renewables The Sierra Club and other environmental groups received a shot in the arm from billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who donated $64.0 million towards their efforts to reduce coal and promote renewables, running directly against the mandate of President Donald Trump to bring (more…)