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Firearms Industry Faces Uncertain 2018 Amid Debate About Stricter Gun Control and Second Amendment Repeal

Debate About Gun Control

U.S. gun sales dropped by eight percent year-over-year in January 2018, as per FBI data. The estimated gun sales were more than 955,000, which was the lowest record for January since 2012. After observing booming gun sales during Barack Obama’s presidency, the U.S. firearms industry in 2018 has been facing a slowdown. The recent Florida shooting (more…)

U.S. Cybercrime Statistics for 2018: California Expected to Report the Most Losses in U.S. Due to Cyber Attacks

U.S. Cybercrime Statistics

Cybercrime is the fastest growing criminal activity affecting most people every year in the U.S. Cybercrimes like credit card fraud, e-mail hacking, identity theft, ransomware, and account stealing are common these days. Every year, the U.S. spends billions of dollars to combat cybercrime, but still, the severity of U.S. cyber attacks is increasing day by (more…)

Retirement Crisis: Lack of Retirement Savings Could Cost Pennsylvania $14.3 Billion by 2030

Retirement Crisis

Pennsylvania resident’s lack of retirement savings could cost the state $14.3 billion by 2030. This is based on a study completed by Econsult Solutions Inc., which provides economic consulting services, public policy, and finance, as some of its services. Initially, the study was commissioned by the Pennsylvania Treasury, in order to determine the impact of insufficient (more…)

Statistics for International Students in the U.S. Show a Decline of 3.3%, Trump’s Policies to Blame

U.S. International Students Enrollment Decline

A U.S. international students enrollment decline has been occurring since 2016, in part because of President Donald Trump. In a recent survey, 45% of universities reported a drop in new international students. “Open Doors,” an annual survey of over 2,000 colleges and universities and their international enrollment numbers, announced a 3.3% decline in new international (more…)