Economic Report

S&P Warns of Dire Consequences of U.S. Default

Standard & Poors in NY

Report: Default and Government Shutdown Would Be Calamitous for U.S. Economy Standard & Poor’s warned that if the U.S. either defaults or shuts down the government, the consequences will be dire for the American economy, claiming that a default would result in a worse situation than the economic collapse and Great Recession of 2008.

Investors Losing Faith in U.S. Equities, Data Shows

Businessman is drawing 'sell and buy' arrows

Longest Outflow Streak from U.S. Equities Since 2004 The growing political turmoil in the country is making investors jittery. With two serious financial crises looming over the economy in the coming weeks—one being the approaching debt ceiling, and the other being the delay in President Donald Trump’s promised tax reforms—investors are already beginning to panic.

Houses Are Becoming Less Affordable for Americans

Rising Real Estate Price

House Prices Rise 1.6% in Second Quarter of 2017 Buying a house is increasingly becoming unaffordable for Americans as houses continue to get more expensive across the United States. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has just revealed that the House Price Index (HPI), which tracks average home prices, is increasing across the country.