Economic Decline

Connecticut Budget Deficit to Reach $224 Million, Cuts & Tax Hike to Follow

Connecticut Budget Deficit

Connecticut’s budget deficit increased from $203.0 million to $224.0 million, and it may grow further. Revenue shortfalls caused the most significant budget cuts for Connecticut in this fiscal year. Forecasts predicted a Connecticut budget deficit shortfall of $178.4 million this fiscal year and $147.1 million in 2018-2019. The Federal Medicaid reimbursements contributed towards a major (more…)

American Girl Lays Off 57 Employees Across 13 Locations Nationwide

American Girl layoffs

Layoffs Hit Wisconsin, Arizona, Washington State American Girl Brands LLC launched its newest doll, Luciana, an aspiring martian astronaut, in early January—then the company jettisoned 57 employees. American Girl announced 57 layoffs at 13 different locations across the country. Of the 57 layoffs, 21 occurred at Wisconsin facilities. The remaining 36 layoffs occurred at 10 (more…)

U.S. Economic Crisis: Job Losses led to Financial Woes, Resulting in Population Declines

U.S. Economic Crisis

The U.S. economic crisis led to many problems in the U.S. in 2017, including unemployment and population loss. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Puerto Rico, Wyoming, West Virginia, Alaska, and Illinois states observed the maximum decline in their populations. The reasons behind the population decline vary, though two major ones are high death rates (more…)

Retail Industry Woes to Continue in 2018 as Bankruptcies, Store Closures, and Layoffs Expected to Rise

Retail Industry Woes, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), the e-commerce company, has grown rapidly in the past few years, with its various businesses each having their own value. Its total business is around $995.0 billion, with retail at $600.0 billion, “Amazon Web Services” at $270.0 billion, “Amazon Prime” subscriptions at $70.0 billion, and the advertising section at $55.0 billion. By (more…)

Amtrak Budget Cuts: Trump’s Infrastructure Improvement Tweet Contradicts His 2018 Rail Budget Plan

Amtrak budget cuts

Following the Amtrak derailment in Washington state where several cars jumped the track, leaving three people dead and over 100 injured, many are looking into the causes that contributed to the tragedy. One issue, in particular, has taken center stage since the accident: The Amtrak Budget 2018. The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, better known as (more…)