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Mortgage Defaults Feared in Irma-Hit Florida

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$517 Billion in Unpaid Principal Balances Raise Delinquency Concerns Hurricane Irma has caused damages to nearly 90% of the properties in Florida and has raised concerns that affected mortgage borrowers may default on their loans if the costs to reclaim their properties outweigh the equity they’ve put down.

FTC Warns Americans: Phishing Scams Are up Following Equifax Hack

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Federal Trade Commission Warns that Calls from Equifax Are a Scam Following the recent Equifax Inc. privacy breach, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent out a warning to Americans to stay vigilant as phishing phone calls increase. The FTC, which serves to protect American consumers, tweeted a warning that phone calls—purportedly from Equifax—seeking personal information are (more…)