Government Cutbacks

Majority of States Would Lose $180 Billion in Funding to Senate’s Healthcare Reform Bill


Massive Decrease in Healthcare Spending with New Attempt at Healthcare Reform About $180.0 billion would be lost by the 32 states that chose to expand Medicaid to provide for low-income individuals under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while states that had opted not to expand their coverage will receive an extra $73.0 billion from 2020 to (more…)

State Budget Shortfalls to Further Widen as Natural Disaster Costs Rise

Limited budget

Affected States Forced to Increase Spending Despite Budget Shortfalls From hurricanes in the south to wildfires in the west, American states recently affected by massive natural disasters are now facing budget shortfalls. The U.S. federal government usually pays up to 75% of the costs related to natural disasters. The remaining expenses, however, must be covered (more…)