U.S. Health Decline Shows Higher Mortality Rate Among American Babies Compared to Other Rich Countries

In a blow that illustrated the dramatic extent of the U.S. health decline, a new study shows that babies born in America are less likely to reach their first birthday than babies born in comparably wealthy countries. The study was undertaken by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). While the overall infant mortality (more…)

King County Homeless Deaths Reach New Highs

King County homeless deaths

There’s a new, inauspicious record for King County homeless deaths, with 133 people dying in the region in 2017. The previous record was 111 in 2006. These deaths represent a difficult situation for the area that encompasses parts of Seattle, making it the 13th largest county in the U.S. The deaths were attributable to a (more…)

Cantrell Drug Bankruptcy, U.S. Inequality, Target Stores Closing, Healthcare Spending Soars & More: Weekly Roundup for November 12, 2017

Cantrell Drug Co. bankruptcy

In today’s weekly roundup, we wish to bring you up to speed on a few significant developments in certain industries. We know that the pharma industry is suffering and layoffs are being announced by major players in that sector. Even as healthcare spending soars, job losses seem to hit pharma companies negatively, an event which (more…)

U.S. Inequality: Billionaires with Offshore Accounts Helped Bankroll 2016 Election

U.S. Inequaltiy Shows Billionaires Funded Election While Avoiding Taxes

U.S. Inequality Has an Effect on Election Campaign Financing In another revelation concerning U.S. inequality, the Paradise Papers have revealed that seven Republican super-donors contributed as much as $350.0 million to federal and state election campaigns in 2016. Meanwhile, the combined net worth of these these billionaires is estimated at $142.0 billion, much of which is held (more…)

Trump Tax Proposal Analysis Shows Top 1% to Receive Huge Gains

Trump Tax Proposal to Benefit Ultra-Rich, New Analysis Reveals

Despite claims otherwise, the Trump tax proposal is again being criticized for disproportionately helping the wealthy while the middle class will receive less-than-promised, according to a new analysis released on Monday. People earning more than $730,000 a year would get an average cut of more than $37,000, according to the Tax Policy Center. This would (more…)