Job Cuts

One-Third of American Solar Industry Jobs at Risk of Cuts

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Solar Industry Group Warns of Over 80,000 Layoffs The U.S. has informed the World Trade Organization (WTO) that the government is considering imposing tariffs on solar cells, most of which are being imported from China. The move comes after an American manufacturer of solar cells, Suniva, Inc., filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (more…)

Amazon’s Whole Foods Acquisition Could Kill Thousands of Jobs


“Amazon Go” System Could Cut Cashier Jobs The World’s biggest online retailer,, Inc., has announced that it will be acquiring the popular supermarket chain Whole Foods Market, Inc. in order to make a full-blown foray into the grocery business. The announcement has employees of the grocery chain worried that their jobs may be at (more…)

Earth Pride Organics Files for Chapter 11 Protection

Job Losses

Earth Pride Organics, a family-owned holding company, announced it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company brands itself as a developer of organic foods. The company was founded five years ago and has grown to include four subsidiaries: American Specialty Foods (a sales and marketing company), CO Nolt Bakery Supply (a (more…)

Ralph Lauren Outsourcing American Jobs to India


While President Donald Trump promised to bring American jobs back to the U.S. on the campaign trail, many big U.S. companies continue to outsource jobs to countries like India. And the trend is even increasing. Outsourcing U.S. jobs hurts the local economies, but the companies say it helps cut costs and stay competitive. Fashion retailer (more…)

Sunset Partners Inc. Files for Chapter 11


Sunset Partners Inc., the parent company of popular Boston University eateries Sunset Cantina and Sunset Grill & Tap, filed for bankruptcy. The restaurants will continue to pour beer and sling food for hungry university students while the company reorganizes its debt.