Jobs Leaving America

Carrier Corporation Laying Off 215 Employees at Indianapolis Factory

Carrier Corporation

Carrier Corporation will be laying off 215 employees at its facility located in Indianapolis. The facility will continue to keep its doors open, with a total employee headcount of roughly 1,100. This round of job cuts will impact employees working on the fan coil manufacturing production lines. The jobs will be relocated to a facility (more…)

Dart Container Corp. to Close Augusta Plant, Cut 160 Jobs

Padlock on Abandoned Factory Gate

Company Layoffs to Begin in 2018 Dart Container Corp. announced that it will be permanently shutting its Augusta, Georgia plant and laying off 160 employees. The 70-year old plant will close by early 2019 because of lower demand for its paper cups. The factory, which looks like a giant paper cup, will move production of (more…)

Eaton Corp. Closing Light Factory in Houston, Laying Off 52 Workers

Eaton Corporation Layoffs

Eaton Corp Layoffs 52 Employees The entire light factory owned by Eaton Corporation PLC (NYSE:ETN) in Houston, Texas will be shutting down. The resulting Eaton Corp layoffs will impact 52 employees. The facilities focused on manufacturing LED lights used in the oil and petrochemical sector. The warehouse was also in the business of producing explosion-resistant lights. (more…)

ABB to Close St. Louis Manufacturing Plant: Restructuring Leads to 120 U.S. Job Cuts, Adding Jobs in India & China

The U.S. has long been struggling to keep manufacturing jobs within its borders, while other countries promise companies cheaper labor and fewer regulations to contend with. One of President Donald Trump’s signature campaign promises was that he and his administration would focus on bringing back strong manufacturing jobs to help bolster the middle class.

Wal-Mart Layoffs 2017: Walmart Home Office at Bentonville Faced the Most Job Cuts

Wal-mart layoffs 2017

Wal-Mart Stores Inc (NYSE:WMT) is an American institution that is nearly unparalleled in its reach. It employs a whopping 1.5 million Americans across the country, which accounts for just about one percent of the entire working population of the U.S. Wal-Mart layoffs 2017, however, have stripped many of those Americans of employment. From retail stores (more…)