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Trump Tax Plan Continues to Divide Americans, Poll Shows

Trump Tax Plan Continues to Divide

In these hyper-partisan times, it seems that even legislation that’s already been settled on continues to create a divide among Americans. The Trump tax plan was controversial when it passed in late 2017 and the effects have yet to be truly felt, but a recent poll by the Pew Research Center reveals that Americans are (more…)

Trump Border Wall Push Comes While Political Tension Remains High

President Donald Trump’s famous plan for a border wall is serving to create an even bigger divide among Congress than we witnessed in 2017, as Senators and House members look toward potential bipartisan legislation on immigration despite the president’s outcries. The Trump border wall has long been a sticking point for Democrats on any immigration (more…)

Barely One-Third of Americans Would Vote for Trump in 2020

President Donald Trump 2020

An increasing number of Americans are turning their back on President Trump. According to a recent poll conducted by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal, just 36% of Americans say they will vote for Donald Trump if he runs for reelection in 2020. Meanwhile, 52% of Americans say they will “probably” or “definitely” vote for the (more…)