Political Turmoil

Amazon Effect vs. Trump Effect: Where Companies’ Concerns Lie

Study Shows that Businesses More Focused on Amazon Effect than Trump Effect In a recent survey, Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) was cited more than President Donald Trump as a source of anxiety for businesses. The study, carried out by financial research platform Sentieo Inc. for MarketWatch, shows that the “Amazon effect” is more of a concern to businesses than the (more…)

U.S. Inequality: Billionaires with Offshore Accounts Helped Bankroll 2016 Election

U.S. Inequaltiy Shows Billionaires Funded Election While Avoiding Taxes

U.S. Inequality Has an Effect on Election Campaign Financing In another revelation concerning U.S. inequality, the Paradise Papers have revealed that seven Republican super-donors contributed as much as $350.0 million to federal and state election campaigns in 2016. Meanwhile, the combined net worth of these these billionaires is estimated at $142.0 billion, much of which is held (more…)

H-1B Visa Program Hurting Jobs and Businesses Due to Government Red Tape

H-1B Visa Program Hurting Businesses and Jobs Due to Government Red Tape

H-1B Visa Government Inaction Is Hurting the Economy Among the many election promises that Donald Trump offered up on the campaign trail was that he would overhaul the H-1B visa program that allows for the importation of highly-skilled workers. Now that Trump is president, legislative inaction and bureaucratic red tape have put the program in limbo, hurting (more…)

Political Turmoil Delays Puerto Rican Recovery

Political Turmoil

Puerto Rico Suffers Political Turmoil Following Hurricane Puerto Rico is still largely without power as the latest deal to help repair the island’s infrastructure was voided after it came to light that a small company with only two permanent employees was granted a $300.0-million contract. The company is based in the hometown of U.S. Secretary of (more…)

Tax Plan Rollout Causing Further Tension in Congress

Tax Plan Rollout Causing Further Tension in Congress

Republican Tax Plan Rollout Could Face a Snag The Donald Trump administration’s tax plan rollout went through another iteration today, as reports detail a potential gradual phase-in of the corporate tax rate change that is being proposed by the White House. If the corporate tax rate does, in fact, end up being put into a (more…)