Political Turmoil

Trump Tax Plan Continues to Divide Americans, Poll Shows

Trump Tax Plan Continues to Divide

In these hyper-partisan times, it seems that even legislation that’s already been settled on continues to create a divide among Americans. The Trump tax plan was controversial when it passed in late 2017 and the effects have yet to be truly felt, but a recent poll by the Pew Research Center reveals that Americans are (more…)

Kansas Study: Trump’s Medicaid Eligibility and Work Requirement Could Result in Disaster

Medicaid Eligibility

President Donald Trump’s administration is currently working to change the policy regarding Medicaid eligibility. Specifically, the new rules would allow individual states to introduce Medicaid work requirements in order to receive funding. However, Kansas’ welfare reform has shed some light on potential flaws with the Trump Medicaid plan. According to the Trump administration proposal, each (more…)

President Trump’s Rating Lowest For 1st-Year President Since World War II

President Trump's Rating

President Donald Trump’s first year in office has not been a satisfying one for the American people. According to management consulting company Gallup, Inc., President Trump’s 2017-2018 approval rating is only 38.4%. This is the lowest average approval rating for a president’s first year since the company began measuring said rating in 1945–the same year (more…)