Political Turmoil

Yields on October T-Bills Up as Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches

Selling Pressure Seen on Short Term-Treasuries as Fears of Default Rise U.S. Treasury Bills, most often used as the proxy for “risk-free” investments, are facing the risk of default—or so believes the market. The yields on Treasury Bills (T-Bills) maturing in October have spiked fears that the American government will default on its short-term debt (more…)

Dollar Index Falls to Lowest Level in Over a Year

North Korea Missile Launch Hurts U.S. Markets The U.S. dollar index has fallen to the lowest level since early 2015 after North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan, once more causing fear to stir across the market and creating instability in the economy.

Feud Between President Trump and Senator Bob Corker Heats Up

Boxing Gloves On American Flag

The political discord within the Republican party rages on, in public, for everyone to see. Unlike a solar eclipse, you don’t need to look away. President Trump attacked fellow Republican, Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) after the Senator publicly questioned Trump’s stability and competence to effectively lead the country.

Half of Americans Have a Negative View of Federal Government

Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant

The majority of Americans continue to have a very or somewhat negative view of the federal government. In fact, less than a third of U.S. adults say they view the federal government in a favorable light. While higher than the 17% recorded in 2011, it still paints a dismal picture of American attitudes toward the (more…)