Political Turmoil

U.S. Political, Economic, Cultural Divisions Widening, Long-Lasting

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Divisions in the U.S. are not limited to Washington. According to a new survey on social trends, divisions in the U.S. are widening across the board when it comes to the country’s culture, economy, and social fabric. Interestingly, the polarization among Americans began long before president Donald Trump ascended into the Oval Office. The recent (more…)

U.S. GDP at 3.0%; Warren Buffet Says it Feels More Like 2.0%

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Numbers don’t lie. But maybe they sometimes do. U.S. revised second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) came in at three percent, but billionaire investor Warren Buffet said it certainly doesn’t feel like three percent. According to the Commerce Department, the U.S. economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter, notching its quickest pace in more (more…)

Yields on October T-Bills Up as Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches

Selling Pressure Seen on Short Term-Treasuries as Fears of Default Rise U.S. Treasury Bills, most often used as the proxy for “risk-free” investments, are facing the risk of default—or so believes the market. The yields on Treasury Bills (T-Bills) maturing in October have spiked fears that the American government will default on its short-term debt (more…)