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Republican Tax Bill Boost Will Be Temporary, Economists and Fed Say

Republican Tax Bill Boost

Survey Shows that Most Economists Are Critical of the Republicans’ Tax Bill The Republican tax bill would boost the economy only temporarily, economists and U.S. Federal Reserve analysts agree. Both private-sector economists and Fed analysts have agreed that the Republican tax bill would lead to a growth spurt, but that jump would potentially disappear fast. (more…)

Retirement Debt Swells: Increasing Number of People Burdened Financially in “Golden Years”

Retirement Debt Growing

Retirees are increasingly ending their working careers with more retirement debt, says a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, revealing that America’s seniors are not finding rest in retirement, but are rather faced with bills. Study: Retired Americans Floundering in Debt The study examined Americans on the verge of retirement at three (more…)

Maimonides Layoffs: Around 200 Employees Cut, Union Group Protests

Maimonides layoffs

Labor Organizations Oppose Maimonides Layoffs Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn is looking to cut as many as 200 employees, the hospital said in a statement. The Maimonides layoffs are another addition to the increasing difficulty that the healthcare industry in the U.S. is facing. The move was said to be a cost-cutting measure and amounts (more…)

Trump Tax Proposal Analysis Shows Top 1% to Receive Huge Gains

Trump Tax Proposal to Benefit Ultra-Rich, New Analysis Reveals

Despite claims otherwise, the Trump tax proposal is again being criticized for disproportionately helping the wealthy while the middle class will receive less-than-promised, according to a new analysis released on Monday. People earning more than $730,000 a year would get an average cut of more than $37,000, according to the Tax Policy Center. This would (more…)

Concerns Mount Over 401(k) Cuts in Trump Tax Plan

Concerns Mount Over 401(k) Cuts in Trump Tax Plan

The President Says on Twitter That the 401(k) Plans Will Be Untouched, But Not Everyone Is Convinced The Trump tax plan continues to face controversy, this time with concerns that the 401(k) pension-matching plan may face reductions in the new tax overhaul plan, even as the president comes out on Twitter to claim that the (more…)