U.S. Debt

Connecticut Bleeding Red, Faces Budget Crisis

US state of connecticut flag with transparent dollar banknotes

Connecticut is one of the wealthiest states in the country, but it’s drowning in debt, and the governing Democrats aren’t entirely sure what to do about it. But they’ll need to work fast to pass a budget–either that or face implementing additional spending cuts to education and municipal aid across the state.

U.S. AAA Credit Rating Could Be Hurt if Debt Ceiling Is Not Raised

Losing Triple A Credit Rating

U.S. AAA Rating At Risk of Being Cut Amid Debt Ceiling Crisis America’s debt ceiling crisis just keeps on getting worse. International financial ratings agency Fitch Ratings Inc. has just announced that it may have to review the rating assigned to American debt, warning that the review may come with “potentially negative implications.”

U.S. Debt Approaching $20.0 Trillion

United States national debt and budget deficit financial crisis

U.S. debt continues to climb and, depending on which source you believe, it’s just a matter of time before the U.S. debt burden hits $20.0 trillion. According to government figures, debt is $19.84 trillion, and according to USDebtClock.org, the nation’s debt load is $19.97 trillion.