Charles River Laboratories to Shut Maryland Facility, Affecting 57 Employees

Charles River Layoffs

Charles River Layoffs Will Take Affect March 2018

Charles River Laboratories Intl. Inc. (NYSE:CRL) recently announced that it will be laying off 57 employees. The company’s plan is to shut down its facility in Frederick, Maryland. The Charles River layoffs will begin in March 2018, and the shutdown is expected to be completed five months later, in August.

The focus of this facility was conducting research on medicines, a majority of which were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Therefore, the jobs there required high-level skills, as well as the right experience and qualifications.

Why Hand Out Layoff Notices Now?

The shutdown and layoffs are meant to make the company much more efficient and to streamline various business divisions within the company. Some of the jobs that are currently at the Frederick facility are still going to exist at the company, but they will simply be integrated into another existing facility of the company.

The reason why the layoffs will occur over the span of a few months is to have a transition period so there is no disruption to the business operations.


What Will Happen to the Employees Who Receive Layoff Notices

Since these are forced layoffs, employees will have the choice of officially ending their relationships with the company or applying for another position at the company. This results in an issue no matter which route is taken by the laid-off employee.

The first scenario is that the laid-off employee is on the unemployment line, and there is no guarantee that the person will find work in their respected field, so they may have to take whatever job that comes there way.

The second situation is that the laid-off employee tries to find a new job opportunity with Charles River Laboratories. Yes, this may be an easier application process than applying somewhere else, since the laid-off worker already has an employment history with the company. The problem is that the job level may not be as high as their current position, meaning the salary and benefits might not be as good either. Further, there has to be job opening to apply for in the first place.

Both of these situations leave people scrambling around in order to make a living. All of the decisions in this situation are being made in the company’s favor, such as the timing of the transition period, the improvement in the business efficiency, and the lowering of the headcount. The Charles River layoffs will benefit the company and put the employees in the losing situation.



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