College of New Rochelle Eliminates 32 Jobs

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The College of New Rochelle has laid off 32 people, including 10 tenured faculty members. The remaining employees let go were non-tenured instructional faculty, staff, and others from the administration.

The college did not say which departments or positions were eliminated. While some of the affected were notified in person or phone, all 32 received an informational packet about the details.

News of the layoffs come around a month after the spring semester ended, with 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students earning degrees at the school’s commencement ceremony in New York City.

According to a statement of the college’s web site, the school has implemented a financial restructuring plan over the last nine months. It was determined that the best way to reduce expenses, but still provide the quality and value students expect and ensure the College’s 113-year legacy, was to eliminate 32 positions.


“We have taken this painful step only after exhausting all other options,” the statement said. “Payroll and benefits are the College’s largest area of expense, yet it’s the most difficult to reduce because it involves the lives of individuals who devote their time and energy to our students and campus. Regrettably, we are left with no choice if we are to achieve financial stability.” (Source: Ibid.)

The school does not foresee any additional layoffs.

This is the second round of layoffs at the private Catholic college since revealing details about a financial crisis in October. At the time, Judith Huntington, president of New Rochelle College, resigned in the face of a probe into the school’s finances.

The matter was being investigated with the help of a forensic accountant and a chief restructuring officer at the college was put in charge of finances. Because of an accounting scandal, the school faced an imminent financial crisis and quickly announced the layoff of 36 members of the institution.

Since the accounting scandal came to light, one which Huntington has tried to distance herself from, the school has gone through a total restructuring. Which it needs to do after it was revealed the school owed $20.0 million in payroll taxes and $11.2 million in other debts.

The most recent round of cuts is part of $4.5 million in cuts being made for the school’s 2018 fiscal year, which starts on July 1, 2017. Roughly $6.2 million was cut in late 2016.

The school’s fundraising machine has also been in overdrive since the probe came to light. The school has so far raised about $10.0 million in cash, and the alumni association is more than 80% of the way toward raising an additional $1.3 million.

The College of New Rochelle is a private Catholic college located in New Rochelle, New York. The school was originally founded in 1904 and was the first Catholic women’s college in New York State. The name was changed to College of New Rochelle in 1910. The college, which has 3,500 students, is made up of four schools and is coeducational.



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