Comcast to Lay Off 200 Sales Employees in Illinois

Comcast Service Center VI

The Telecom Giant Will Cut the Workers on October 30

Comcast announced layoffs will be coming to its Oak Brook, Illinois facility, with 200 sales employees being shed from the area, while another 170 jobs will be relocated to a nearby call center.

Although a Comcast spokesperson claimed that some of the lost positions will be added to other locations across the U.S., the company did not say how many and where these jobs would end up resurfacing, although it was confirmed that the jobs would be leaving Illinois.

Comcast operates a number of facilities in its central division, which stretches from Florida to Michigan. In the greater Chicago region alone, the company employs about 7,800 people.

The total workforce at the Oak Brook facility, which numbers around 900, will be reduced by 40% after the layoffs and the relocations are finalized. However, the spokesperson said that the majority of employees will not be affected by the move.


The layoffs come as more and more people are growing concerned about what the future holds for call center positions like the ones being eliminated by Comcast in Oak Brook. The positions, which are meant to field calls from potential customers interested in signing up for services from the telecom giant, have long been on the potential chopping block as automation and online tools threaten to displace these workers.

Call center jobs have also long been the target of outsourcing, where companies have found that cheap labor abroad can often serve as an alternative to hiring workers at home.

While the company did say that it will try to reposition the displaced workers by offering them opportunities across the U.S., ultimately not many of the employees losing their jobs will be able to relocate so easily.



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