Connecticut Faces Brain Drain as Educated Youth Leave to Pursue Opportunities

Connecticut Faces Brain Drain as Educated Youth Leave to Pursue Opportunities

Connecticut Losing it’s Educated and Skilled Youth to the Other States

Connecticut’s budget problems may not only be hurting its public sector, but also its private sector. The state is beginning to witness a critical situation of brain drain as its educated and skilled youth migrate to other states in search of better career opportunities.

The state is fast losing its highly qualified millennials to places like Boston, San Francisco, and New York City as these metro areas gain reputations for being hubs of great business and entrepreneurial activity.

Meanwhile, Hartford, which is Connecticut’s capital city and the state’s biggest business center, is seeing a dearth of talent because many of the best young minds have left the city for greener pastures. In fact, the city now houses the lowest number of four-year graduates among all major metro areas in the United States.

The loss of talent, particularly due to the outflux of millennials, has been blamed on the state’s inability to provide quality private-sector jobs. Most of the graduates who have recently left Hartford cited better jobs as the reason for their migration.


American millennials are considered the drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country, having founded some of the most profitable companies of today—most of which are in the technology sector and are located in the aforementioned three entrepreneurship hubs. Meanwhile, Connecticut is miserably failing on that front.

As Connecticut residents identify, one problem is the state’s financial mismanagement, which has resulted in a serious budget crisis. Connecticut is the only state in the country that is currently running without an official budget.

The political tussle between the left and the right has brought Hartford to the brink of bankruptcy. On one side are the Republican lawmakers, who are proposing a budget laced with spending cuts in order to bridge the state’s budget gap. On the other is Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy, who keeps using his veto power to reject their budget proposals because he seeks more spending.

The budget problem has exacerbated to the point where the state’s small towns are now facing the possibility of government shutdowns as they run out of money.

Governor Malloy and the Republican lawmakers are failing to see the significance that, without a budget, government agencies in the state do not have the money necessary for developmental activities that can help the private sector flourish.

What the state’s young residents are seeing is financial chaos and few economic opportunities, leading them to consider moving elsewhere to seek a better life.


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