Earth Pride Organics Files for Chapter 11 Protection

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Earth Pride Organics, a family-owned holding company, announced it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company brands itself as a developer of organic foods.

The company was founded five years ago and has grown to include four subsidiaries: American Specialty Foods (a sales and marketing company), CO Nolt Bakery Supply (a full-service supply company), Lancaster Fine Foods (a company that mass produces jam, barbeque sauces, ice creams, etc.), and  EPX Trucking (a logistics company that allows Earth Pride to distribute its own products).

The company actually filed two separate Chapter 11 bankruptcy petitions: one for Earth Pride Organics and the other for Lancaster Fine Foods. CEO Michael Thompson said the company is “unable to pay its debts as they mature, and it is necessary for the company to reorganize.” The two cases were consolidated by the court. Earth Pride’s other companies are not included in the bankruptcy cases

According to court documents, Earth Pride Organics has estimated liabilities of between $1.0 million and $10.0 million, as well as assets of between $1.0 million and $10.0 million.


The company’s 20 largest creditors include the Internal Revenue Service, First National Bank, and the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue.

Meanwhile, Lancaster Fine Foods recently lost a trademark infringement and counterfeiting case filed by a former client. The loss came with a $2.2 million judgment against the company.

The brand filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 so that it can continue to operate while it looks to repay some or all of its debts and protect its future. Lancaster Fine Foods lists 50–99 creditors.

In a statement about the bankruptcy proceedings, Lancaster Fine Foods said, “This move will streamline and strengthen our business both operationally and financially. While it was hard, we believe it will make us a better company that can continue to provide for our 75 employees and their families for decades to come.”

Lancaster Fine Foods was established in 2008; from then until 2016, annual sales increased fivefold to $10.0 million. Sales for 2017 are projected to hit $20.0 million.


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