Everest University Layoffs Hit Tampa Bay

Everest University Layoffs

Everest University layoffs mount, with 212 employees losing their jobs at its office in Tampa Bay. The cuts will be initiated on January 8, 2018.

Zenith Education Group, Inc., which operates Everest University, said that the office closure will be permanent. This is the latest in a number of Zenith Group layoffs, with thousands of workers and students being impacted by the shutdowns.

The non-profit organization has maintained that any students currently enrolled will still be able to finish their studies despite campus closings.

Zenith Continues Everest University Layoffs

This is the second recent spate of Tampa Bay layoffs from the group, as it cut 127 workers from the same location last year.


Everest University Florida campuses were purchased by Zenith from Corinthian Colleges in 2015. The previous year’s layoffs came as a result of multiple campuses consolidating.

The company released a statement explaining the move:

Over the past few years, it has become evident to us that many of our campuses are located in areas that are geographically inconvenient for underserved students or not built to accommodate the programs that we want and need to offer. We intend to use those learnings in a more focused three-campus approach to enhance initiatives, including employer partnerships and student support services, that have demonstrated success in improving academic and job placement outcomes for students. In addition, ECMC Foundation will continue to provide support to the three campuses through grant dollars dedicated to improving career and technical education.

The sale of Corinthian Colleges to Zenith was the subject of much scrutiny, with the U.S. Department of Education and Zenith both receiving flak for approving the deal, with the company being fined $30.0 million for misrepresentation of graduate placement data in 2015. An Associated Press investigation accused Zenith of large-scale telemarketing recruitment tactics and other unsavory practices while failing to change its curriculum or drop certain Corinthian officials.



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