Fears of ConocoPhillips Layoffs Grow as Oil Giant Cuts Budget by 10%

ConocoPhillips Layoffs

Are More ConocoPhillips Layoffs on the Way After Budget Cut?

One of America’s largest oil companies, ConocoPhillips, has slashed its capital budget by 10%, sparking fears of possible ConocoPhillips layoffs in 2017.

ConocoPhillips released its third-quarter earnings on Thursday, which beat analysts’ estimates. However, the company later dropped a bombshell, saying it was planning to slash its budget. This ostensibly translates into the company likely making further job cuts this year.

Speculation about ConocoPhillips layoffs is certainly not ill-founded, as the company has had a track record of shedding a certain number of employees every year in the past decade.

The company’s global workforce has shrunk from 33,800 employees in 2008 to just over one-third of that number today. According to the ConocoPhillips website, the company currently employs about 12,200 workers, which is down from 13,300 just a year ago.


ConocoPhillips Layoffs Part of Cost-Saving Moves

In July, I reported about ConocoPhillips layoffs in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where employees have intermittently faced job cuts. ConocoPhillips has shed over 1,000 jobs in a targeted headcount reduction since last year. Naturally, the company’s Houston headquarters have been bearing the brunt of repeated ConocoPhillips job cuts.

Employee costs are a significant burden for the company. In the third quarter, the company had to make an unexpected $600.0 million contribution to its employees’ U.S. pension plan after the fund ran short.

Despite the high expenses, the company managed to turn a profit this year after experiencing losses in the same period a  year ago. ConocoPhillips reported earnings of $420.0 million in the third quarter, compared to losses of $1.04 billion in the same quarter in 2016.

The company partly owes its powerful comeback to the reversal in the price of oil. Oil prices, which dropped to multi-year lows last year, are finally beginning to rebound. However, part of the company’s impressive numbers are a result of its ongoing efforts to control costs and improve operational efficiency.

With the oil giant planning to continue its cost-cutting efforts, chances are that we’ll be hearing of more ConocoPhillips layoffs in the year to come.


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