Fox News Poll Says Americans Think President Trump Is Dishonest and Unstable


Even Fox News is finding that Americans are not pleased with President Donald Trump. According to a recent poll, a majority of Americans agree that Trump says what he thinks. That lack of a filter might explain why most don’t think he acts very presidential.

Respondents were asked how well certain words or phrases describe the president. Trump is most defined by the “says what he thinks” trait. 81% of voters think that describes him “extremely” or ”very” well.

The only other term the majority of Americans agree fits the president is “bully.” For “bully,” 39% said Trump was “extremely,” while 14% said “very,” and 20% said “somewhat.” That’s 73% of the American population that thinks Trump is a bully on some level.

For the word “unstable,” 33% picked “extremely,” while 11% chose “very,” and 16% said “somewhat.” Just 38% said Trump was “not at all” unstable.


When it comes to Trump’s conduct, Americans are equally as disillusioned. The poll showed that 56% of respondents said Trump was “not at all” presidential, 55% said he was “not at all” a moral leader, 53% said he was “not at all” compassionate or steady, and 50% said he was “not at all” honest.

At the other end of the spectrum, only one-third of voters see Trump in a positive light. 35% called him “competent,” 35% said he was a “strong leader,” and just 32% said Trump was a “problem solver.”

Only 31% would assign the word “knowledgeable” to Trump, while an even smaller percentage (30%) say Trump is “honest” and a “steady leader” (30%).

Despite the abysmal grades, 58% of voters believe Trump will finish the term.

For past presidents, the traits that correlate most powerfully with increased support are ‘strong leader’ and ‘compassionate,’” said Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson.

President Trump has faced two crises recently, with the racial violence in Charlottesville and Hurricane Harvey in Houston. In neither instance did Trump come across as a strong, compassionate, moral leader–something presidents have always been expected to be during difficult times.

Trump gets points for candor, but he needs to convince more people he is strong and empathetic,” Shaw concluded.



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