Keller’s Green Grocery in Sioux Falls Closes After Just One Year

Keller’s Green Grocery in Sioux Falls Closed

Keller’s Green Grocery in downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota has shuttered its doors after just one year in business. The urban grocery, once hailed as a key development for the downtown core, closed without fanfare on Friday, November 10.

Since then, neither Keller’s owners nor management have responded to interview requests. The company’s web site is still up, but makes no mention of the closing. In fact, it still notes that “Keller’s Green Grocery is committed to bringing you the finest quality ingredients from the farm to your table.”

The company’s Facebook page is also silent on the matter, but it does provide the hours of operation and suggests it is open for business. An answering machine at Keller’s Green Grocery simply informs callers that they are unable to take the call but suggests leaving a message.

The quiet exit from downtown Sioux Falls is a departure from the fanfare that helped launch Keller’s Green Grocery.


In early August 2016, the upscale Keller’s opened, offering locally sourced and organic fruit, vegetables, and higher-end groceries.

“It’s going to be a full-service grocery store,” said general manager Travis Petersen. “You can make breakfast, lunch and dinner with the items here, and they’re all locally sourced if possible.”

He added that “The main thing is convenience, and we want to make it a fun experience and enjoyable. It’s something you can do over lunch.”

Keller’s Green Grocery also included a bistro deli with bar and table seating. On top of that, it had a beer and wine license.

When it opened, Keller’s had about 10 employees, but Petersen said he would still sign on, “the right person,” adding, “Hopefully, we will need more.”



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