Krispy Kreme Layoffs 2017: About 90 Job Cuts Shrink Workforce at Winston-Salem HQ


Krispy Kreme Cut Jobs in Winston-Salem, Looks to Expand in Charlotte

Roughly 90 employees will be cut from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (NYSE:KKD) in the latest round of Krispy Kreme layoffs in 2017. The Krispy Kreme Winston-Salem job cuts are taking place at the company’s headquarters as it looks to expand into other locations. The Krispy Kreme restructuring, in turn, led to the Krispy Kreme corporate job cuts, with the company in a state of flux as it shuffles around its corporate presence.

The doughnut maker is also looking to relocate some of its employees form its Winston-Salem location to its new facilities. The Krispy Kreme downsizing represents one of the first steps.Krispy Kreme layoffs hit Winston-Salem as the company sheds 90 corporate positions while it expands into other areas like London and Charlotte.

The company said in a statement that it had communicated to its employees that change was on the way for the coffeehouse chain.

The Krispy Kreme layoffs are mainly part of a shift of focus away from Winston-Salem towards corporate expansion into other areas.


The company is looking to develop its presence in London and Charlotte.

“We told employees that as we chart our path forward, we know that the structure we have today is not the structure we will need to accomplish this ambitious mission,” Krispy Kreme said in a statement. “In order to best position our talent and infrastructure to enable that growth, we are making necessary, but difficult, changes to our business.”

“We deeply value our heritage and attachment to Winston-Salem and will continue to invest in the area. We will maintain our global headquarters in Winston-Salem while creating new workspaces that reflect our ambition, which will include new offices in Charlotte and London in 2018,” The company added. “We will also continue to operate our mix plant and our equipment manufacturing business in Winston-Salem.”

The North Carolina layoffs come about a year after the company was bought for $1.35 billion to JAB Beech Inc, a Luxembourg-based investment firm.

The company has yet to release how many people will be hired on in London and Charlotte.



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