Third Round of EaglePicher Layoffs to Hit Joplin, Missouri

EaglePicher Technologies Layoffs

EaglePicher Technologies Laying Off 40 Employees

An American manufacturer of battery and power solutions, EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, has announced a third round of layoffs, during which 40 employees will lose their jobs.

The layoffs are taking place at a number of EaglePicher facilities in Joplin, Missouri. Vice President of Human Resources Penny Gibson said that the affected employees have been informed of the layoffs.

Some of these employees will be going home right away, while others will stay around for a short period of time, presumably until certain projects are completed. The company will be providing the affected employees with severance packages.

Gibson confirmed that the company does not have specific plans to rehire any of the employees who are being let go. She added, however, that the former employees’ experience  at EaglePicher would be seen as a plus if they apply for different positions at the company later.


The layoffs are part of the corporation’s reorganization efforts that began last year. EaglePicher says it is reducing its workforce to meet its long-term strategic goals.

The first round of layoffs began in May 2016, when 90 employees were given pink slips. In July  of that same year, an additional 135 employees were cut loose. Altogether, more than 250 employees have been sent home since May 2016.

EaglePicher Layoffs Are Due to Restructuring

Gibson says that the layoffs are not a result of financial troubles; according to her, EaglePicher has been performing well. The layoffs are, in fact, part of the company’s new streamlined organizational design, under which the company will be focusing on specific areas where it sees customer demand.

During the second round of layoffs last year, the V.P. of human resources at the time indicated that the company was looking for ways to expand into new markets. To meet the company’s new strategic goals, layoffs had become necessary.

EaglePicher Technologies has witnessed significant strategic changes in the past two years. The company has sold some of its business units to streamline its operations, and it has enacted two reshuffles in its executive C-suite.

Prior to the layoffs that started in 2016, the company was reported to have had about 970 employees. This suggests that more than one-fourth of the company’s workforce has been shed in the recent three rounds of layoffs.


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