Majority of American Voters Think President Trump is Sexist, Thin-Skinned, Unstable, and Untrustworthy

American voters have no trouble coming up with words to describe President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, thin-skinned, reckless, dishonest, unstable, and a lack of compassion are not the qualities you look for in a leader.

The new Politico/Morning Consult poll was even conducted before Republican Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jake Flake of Arizona publicly criticized Trump for his personal behavior as president.

The poll started by asking respondents if they think the country is going in the right direction or has gotten off on the wrong track. A whopping 64% said the U.S. is going down the wrong path, 36% think the country is going the correct way.

Despite the huge difference, 42% still approve of the job Trump is doing as president, while a slim majority (53%) disapprove. When it comes to leadership, 39% think Trump is a strong leader; 50% say he is not.


When it comes to issues of integrity, Trump does not fare well. Half of the respondents (50%) said they believe Trump is sexist, only 35% said he wasn’t, and a surprising 14% said they weren’t sure. An even higher 52% of American voters said Trump is thin-skinned. A third (33%) said Trump is not thin-skinned (and therefore open to constructive criticism), while 15% had no opinion or were unsure.

When asked if the president is a stable person, a resounding 54% said no, he isn’t. Only 33% would characterize Trump as stable and 14% were not sure. A smaller-though-still-large, number of respondents (45%) believe that Trump is racist, versus 40% who said he is not racist.

American voters are also concerned about the president’s behavior. When asked if they think the president is reckless, 56% said yes and just 31% said no. When it comes to honesty, the majority of Americans do not trust the president: 51% say Trump is not honest, 35% think he is, and again, 14% aren’t sure.

American’s don’t think Trump is very warm and fuzzy, either. When asked if they think the president cares about people like them, 53% said no, with just 34% saying yes. This time around, a slim three percent were not sure.

Is President Trump compassionate? It doesn’t look like it. A majority (54%) of Americans do not believe Trump is a compassionate person, while just 33% think he is.

Interestingly, 42% of respondents think Trump is knowledgeable, compared to 46% who said he isn’t. Trump would disagree with both of those answers, having recently bragged about having “One of the great memories of all time.”


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