GTO Access Systems Layoffs Hit Talahassee, Florida Employees

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GTO Access Systems Cutting 33% Jobs

A manufacturer and seller of automatic and remote-controlled gate and garage opening systems, GTO Access Systems, LLC, has announced that it will cut a third of its workforce at its Tallahassee, Florida offices.

The company has officially disclosed its plans to lay off 33% of its total employees as it shifts its focus toward the engineering side of its business.

Jobs that are being cut include positions in the finance, human resources, information technology, legal services, and supply chain departments. Employees at all levels of its organizational hierarchy are being affected, including senior-level staff, as well as entry-level employees.

The company informed the employees about the impending job cuts earlier this week. The layoffs are expected to take place over the next two months, until September 20.


According to  CEO Douglas Waldal, GTO Access Systems’ Tallahassee facility will continue its operations with a smaller workforce. Moreover, the company will invest more into improving the engineering and technology of its residential access systems.

Waldal said, “The whole intent is really to drive further investments in our core space, which is smart home solutions.” He added, “The Tallahassee facility isn’t going away. We are investing on the engineering side.”

GTO Access Systems’ parent company, Nortek Inc., hired Waldal as president of GTO in October 2015. Nortek creates technology-driven products and services for residential and commercial customers.

Nortek spokesperson Robert Beliles said that the layoffs are part of the two companies’ joint efforts to consolidate their businesses.

“What we are really doing here is we are announcing the intention to reintegrate our system business GTO Access Systems LLC into the greater Nortek security and automation businesses, ” said Beliles.  He also said that nothing will substantially change in the next 60 days while the layoffs take place.

The 30-year-old GTO Access Systems was originally named Gates That Open, LLC until it took on its present name at the end of 2013.


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