Fisher Barton,Manufacturing Company Closing Factory in Fountain Inn, S.C.

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Fisher Barton Manufacturing Facility Closing in South Carolina

A leading manufacturer of metallic engineered products, The Fisher Barton Group, has announced that the company is permanently closing its manufacturing facility in Fountain Inn, South Carolina.

The company has confirmed that the factory will be closing by the end of September. Following the closure, all 100 employees working at the facility will be laid off.

The president of the company informed that the Fountain Inn facility no longer fit into the Group’s overall strategic goals.

The factory was operating under the Group’s Fisher Barton South Carolina Inc. (FBSC) subsidiary, which provided engineered solutions like metal stamping and metal fabrication.


According to the company website, the services offered at the Fountain Inn facility included “everything from precision metal stampings and metal parts fabrication to heat treating processes and precision laser cutting.”

The company defined this factory as a “true all-in-one facility.” The facility served automotive, heavy truck, lawn and garden, and industrial clients.

Following the announcement of the factory closure and associated layoffs, the president of The Fisher Barton Group, Igor Zelenovskiy, said, “The decision to cease operations in no way reflects on the performance of the site or the calibre of the team in Fountain Inn.”

He further added, “Unfortunately, at times organizations need to make decisions that are larger than individual facilities. In this case, we realized that we can no longer operate this facility and still achieve the future goals of The Fisher Barton Group.”

The Fisher Barton Group started off as a lawn mower blade manufacturer in 1973. In over four decades, the company has grown into a manufacturing conglomerate controlling 10 independent global subsidiaries. The Wisconsin-based company has manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, South Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Vietnam, and Ireland.

However, following the closure of the Fountain Inn facility, the company is wrapping up its major operations in South Carolina.



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