Manufacturing Jobs Lost in Salisbury, N.C. as Schneider Electric Closes Plant

Fenced off Abandoned Factory

French electrical manufacturing company Schneider Electric SE (EPA:SU) is closing its plant in Salisbury, North Carolina, and cutting 64 manufacturing jobs in the process.

We’re only halfway through the month of August, and 620 Americans have already lost their jobs within North Carolina.

Schneider Electric joins the list of companies that have announced layoffs within the state since the beginning of this month.

The company has announced that it is permanently closing its manufacturing plant in Salisbury, North Carolina, after which 64 workers at the facility will lose their jobs.


The company provided informed on the plan to move its manufacturing to facilities in other states in June. The confirmation of the same was received on August 10, when the company filed a layoff notice under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act with the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

According to the WARN notice, the company’s decision to close the plant is permanent and all 64 employees will be laid off as it moves its operations. The layoffs are expected to begin by October 26 and continue into 2018.

Schneider will wind down its North Carolina operations by 2018 as the company currently leases the facility, with the lease expiring by next year. Production will be moved to its plants in Pennsylvania and Columbia. The reason behind the relocation remains undisclosed.

When Schneider first indicated its plans to move out of North Carolina, the officials of Rowan County, of which Salisbury is a part, said they would contact the company’s management and try to convince them to keep the manufacturing jobs within the state.

We will make an effort to reach out to them, to see if there’s anything we can do to change their minds.” said Rod Crider, president of RowanWORKS Economic Development. “And if we’re unsuccessful, we’ll obviously do everything we can with that building owner to help get new business in there.”

Schneider Electric is a multinational corporation that creates electric systems and automation solutions. The company has a global footprint spanning 100 countries and employs a workforce of over 144,000 employees worldwide.



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