McCall’s Closed: BBQ Restaurant Closure in Clayton, NC Affected 100 Employees

McCalls Closed

A popular restaurant in Clayton, NC—McCall’s Bar-B-Que & Seafood Restaurant—has closed and will not reopen. That leaves about 100 McCall’s employees without work as the owners shuttered the restaurant with no advance warning. With McCall’s closed, the list of North Carolina restaurant closures increases, following a national trend where many eateries have found it difficult to adapt to changing dining tastes among U.S. consumers.

With McCall’s closed, many faithful customers will be looking for their new favorite barbecue location. But worse still are the roughly 20 full-time and 80 part-time McCall’s employees who lost their job, coming in Wednesday morning only to learn that the McCall’s closure was permanent.

The owners spoke to local news organizations claiming that they thought it best to handle the closing with little forewarning for workers, believing that advance notice might have caused issues for customers before it closed. Some employees have spoken out against the tactic.

The owners said that they were looking towards retirement and decided to shutter the Clayton location of their restaurant as a result. The McCall’s in Goldsboro remains open.


“Anytime an employer closes, especially unexpectedly, it negatively impacts families,” said Clayton Town Manager Adam Lindsay, in a statement. “We hope that their employees are able to continue with them or find viable job alternatives. Clayton is a great place to grow a business and we are generally seeing expansion and not contraction of businesses and so we are very hopeful that another employer will see Clayton as the right fit for them.”

North Carolina Restaurant Closings That Took Place in 2017

While McCall’s closed early this year, last year was not kind to other establishments in the state. North Carolina restaurant closings extended throughout the year, reflecting America’s changing tastes, with niche foods and healthier options growing in popularity in recent years, leaving many traditional restaurants going cold.

Provenance restaurant shuttered in Raleigh in October.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close our doors here at Provenance. Through the period of our adventure, you all have been with us thru the great and challenging times of opening this establishment here in the heart of downtown Raleigh. You have embraced us, guided us, and taught us that you are a city of immense culinary taste and worldly experience, but never faltering from the fact that it is all about THE NC,” read a post from the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Another North Carolina restaurant shutdown came by way of Nolen Kitchen in November. The restaurant had been operating for 15 years and had been a frequent award recipient for the quality of its food.

Two more North Carolina restaurant closings preceded Nolen Kitchen in November: Aubriana’s and Betsy’s Crepes. Both were in Wilmington.

Aubriana’s owners had decided to retire. Betsy’s Crepes owner felt that the landlord had refused to make necessary repairs to the building, forcing her to close.



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