Missouri’s Black Public University Is Cutting Jobs


Lincoln University Is Cutting 48 Jobs to Balance Budget

Missouri’s Lincoln University has announced four dozen job cuts in an effort to cover a $3.8 million budget shortfall for the fiscal year 2018.

The university’s Board of Curators has approved a $33.5 million budget for the new fiscal year that begins on July 1. The approved budget is $3.0 million less when compared to the same period last year.

Of the announced 48 job cuts at the school, most are to administrative staff positions. However, some faculty positions are also at risk. Of the 48 jobs being cut, about 80% (32.5 jobs) are staff positions. The rest of the 15.5 jobs to be cut are faculty positions. The university has also announced salary cuts by 0.5% across the board for all employees, in addition to these job cuts.

The job cuts are being attributed to the university’s huge budget deficit as it receives less-than-expected funding from the state. Universities and colleges across Missouri are suffering as they receive reduced state funding. The state of Missouri has lowered the budget appropriations towards higher education.


Missouri Governor, Eric Greitens, had originally proposed to cut 10% in funding to every public university and college in Missouri, which was later reduced to 6.58%. (Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, June 9, op cit.)

Lincoln University is predominantly a black public university. It is a land-grant university and, in addition to the state funding cuts, it is also facing a reduction in land-grant funding.

The university had warned last November that if the state didn’t release its funds, the university would be laying off employees. The university disclosed that it was left with just enough funds to last until April.

The university had been hoping that former Missouri Governor Jay Nixon would have released the withheld funds before he left office in January this year. However, the Governor did not match the full funds that the university had expected, leaving the university with a heavy budget deficit to deal with.

The school also warned that it had received no future guarantees that the funding will be matched in the fiscal year of 2018. Consequently, Lincoln University barely had enough funds to last seven months, thus forcing the university to announce layoffs. (Source: Ibid.)


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