Barely One-Third of Americans Would Vote for Trump in 2020

President Donald Trump 2020
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An increasing number of Americans are turning their back on President Trump. According to a recent poll conducted by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal, just 36% of Americans say they will vote for Donald Trump if he runs for reelection in 2020. Meanwhile, 52% of Americans say they will “probably” or “definitely” vote for the Democratic challenger.

That is if Trump even makes it to 2020. Asked whether Congress should hold impeachment hearings to remove Donald Trump from the Oval Office, a full 41% said “Yes,” a slim majority of American voters (54%) said there shouldn’t be any hearings, and five percent were not sure.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s approval rating continues to underwhelm at near record lows, with 56% disapproving of the job he is doing and 41% approving. Of those numbers, 48% strongly disapprove while 24% strongly approve.

Echoing this sentiment, 45% of respondents said they think the country is worse off since Trump became president, 30% think the country is better off, and 24% think the country is in the same spot.


With regards to Trump’s tax reform bill, less than a quarter (24%) said they were in favor of the plan, 41% said the tax reforms were a “bad idea,” with 37% saying they feel strongly about that.

Once the tax bill is passed, 37% think middle-class Americans will pay more in taxes than they did before with a paltry 16% saying they will pay fewer taxes. The tables are turned for corporate America and wealthy families like the Trumps. A minuscule eight percent of respondents think corporations will pay more in tax under Trump’s reform bill while 66% think they will pay less.

When it comes to the wealthy, an even tinier six percent of voters believe wealthy Americans will pay more in taxes with 56% saying they will pay less in taxes.

When it comes to Trump’s legacy, most think history will not be kind. Asked whether he will be a successful or unsuccessful president, 44% said he will be unsuccessful, 26% said Trump will be successful, 29% were not ready to make that judgment, and one percent was not sure.

These numbers can clearly change over the course of the next year and will need to if the Republicans want to make a strong showing in the 2018 mid-term elections. Unfortunately, President Trump is not known for being flexible.



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