Oprah vs. Trump: Winfrey Outpaces President in Rating Contest

Oprah vs. Trump
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On January 7, 2018, Oprah Winfrey gave a powerful speech when receiving the Cecil B. deMille Award at the Golden Globe Awards show. In her speech, there was a strong message about people standing strong on their own two feet.

After the speech, there was speculation that Oprah the media mogul would run as a candidate for the President of the United States in the 2020 elections.

The speculation resulted in the Rasmussen Reports conducting a survey to determine who would win if it was Oprah vs. Trump, in an election face-off. The survey was conducted on January 8 and 9.

And the Winner Is…

The winner between both candidates was Oprah Winfrey.


Oprah’s ratings for president were 48% in her favor, while Trump’s rating for president consisted of 38% in voter support. The remaining percentage of voters, which amounted to 14%, was undecided.

The survey was broken down even further, in respect to which party the voter supports.

The voters that supported Winfrey broke down as follows: 76% Democrat Party supporters; 22% Republicans; and 44% of an unaffiliated party.

President Trump’s voters broke down as follows: 66% Republican voters; 12% Democrats; and 38% unaffiliated party supporters.

In the survey results, 12% of the Democratic or Republican Party supporters remained undecided. Approximately one-fifth of the unaffiliated party voters were also undecided as to which candidate they would vote for.

With just over two years to go to the election of 2020, it looks like Winfrey is drumming up support from voters (assuming she were interested in running). President Trump is helping her case even further with the moves that he implementing during his time in office. Let’s look at some examples of these moves.

Trump Administration Tax Cuts Could Increase the U.S. Budget Deficit

One factor that influences voters is the budget deficit of the country. This is quite important because it impacts the economic growth, monetary policy, job opportunities, and investment opportunities of the country. The goal of the government is to reduce the budget deficit in order to make the country stronger for the people of America.

However, President Trump is having a hard time reducing the budget deficit. From October to December 2017, government spending increased at a faster pace than revenue earned. This resulted in a budget gap increase of seven percent to $225.0 billion compared to the prior year.

To make things even more negative, there is a high possibility of a larger budget deficit being reported. Why? Because of the tax cuts that are going to be implemented.

Tax cuts are great for the U.S. people and businesses since there could be more money retained once tax liabilities are accounted for.

On the government’s end, this means that there will be less tax revenue available to use for government-related spending. This could result in the government issuing bonds in order to raise money if there is a shortfall in revenue earned versus government spending. So, at the end of the day, a widening budget deficit will weaken America’s financial position.

North Korea, DACA & U.S. Economy Controversies 

President Trump seems to be a man who makes his own rules. And, at times, his public perception takes a beating. For instance, President Trump has personally attacked North Korea and its President Kim Jong-un. Just a few months ago, there was chatter of a possible nuclear war between North Korea and the United States. This is not positive for the people of America’s safety or the spending of the government.

Donald Trump also has had an issue with immigrants being in the country. He has made changes to the rules surrounding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. Previously, if a minor entered America, there was a possibility of them staying in the country with the right paperwork. Now Trump is rescinding these rules and deporting individuals even if they have been in the country for decades. This discourages immigrants from entering the country, which means fewer possible tax revenue dollars.

All of this also impacts the tourist dollars spent by travelers to the United States. This then therefore means less of a trickle-down economy from tourist money in these areas: retail spending, restaurant revenue, and tourist-driven services.

Positive public perception is very important because it keeps the economy strong inside and outside the country’s boarders. It also encourages more money flowing into the country from other areas such as tourism, as mentioned above.

Trump’s Approval Rating: The Most Unpopular President Ever?

If you look to the stock market indices, they are trading at record all-time highs. Typically when markets are trading higher, it means that investors believe that the economy is bullish and the future is bright. However, similar positive results are not seen in the approval rating of President Trump.

In a recent survey, only 38% of Americans believe that the country is heading into the right direction. On the other end, 56% of American voters believe that President Trump is moving the country in the wrong direction.

How does President Trump compare to previous presidents’ second year ratings? Barack Obama had an approval rating of 49%; Richard Nixon had a rating of 63%; and George W. Bush had one of the highest ratings at 84%.

Conclusion: Oprah vs. Trump

Now the Oprah vs. Trump debate is all speculation, of course, but there’s a chance it could become much more serious as we get closer to the election of 2020. Until the election of 2020, we must remain in wait-and-see mode.



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