McClarin Plastics Plant Closing Its Doors in Elmore County, Alabama

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Workers to Face Layoffs at McClarin Plastics Plant

A manufacturer of engineered plastic and composite products, McClarin Plastics, LLC, has announced it will be winding down its manufacturing operations and shutting down its plant in Elmore County, Alabama.

The plant will be shuttered on August 17, resulting in 32 employees losing their jobs. The affected employees will be offered severance packages and other benefits from the company, says the company’s CEO, Jerry Armstrong, who stated that the shutdown was unavoidable. “We truly regret this action is necessary but recognize the current situation is unsustainable,” said Armstrong.

The Elmore County plant was recently fined $15,000 for violating hazardous waste management the guidelines set out by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

McClarin Plastics has been losing money, and management’s efforts to deal with its losses and improve its business operations have borne little fruit. Despite making significant investments, McClarin failed to materialize any solid returns.


In a press release following the shutdown announcement, the company said that, although McClarin has been striving to turn around, it “remained challenged by the competitive viability of the [Elmore] location in relation to its customers.”

The company is now seeking locations where it can find customers. McClarin will be moving the operations at the Elmore County facility to other locations in the United States. The closure of the Elmore County plant was announced just two months after McClarin expanded into Oklahoma City.

McClarin also operates manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania and Washington. The company also has a production plant in China. The company exports its plastic products to Asia and Europe.

McClarin Plastics defines itself as a “premier manufacturer” of various types of plastics—including fiberglass and other composite products—which are sold to customers in construction, transportation, energy, agricultural, industrial equipment, and in the medical sector. The company has been around for over 60 year,s and is headquartered in Hanover, Pennsylvania.


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